About us

「社會發展中心」(Centre for Social Change, CSC)成立於2014年,由關心社會發展及致力推動社會改革的人士組成。社會發展中心的宗旨為:藉推動人文及社會科學領域的批判研究,分析中國和香港的政治、社會、文化和歴史,連結不同的公民社會團體,倡導公共及社會政策,進行公眾教育,從而回應當前中國、香港以及世界各地所面對的社會、政治和文化議題。

Centre for Social Change (CSC) was established in 2014 by a group of members who are committed to promoting social development and bringing about social change. Endeavoring to address social, political and cultural issues facing China, Hong Kong and beyond, CSC has the following missions:

– promoting critical research on humanities and social sciences;

– analyzing the political, social, cultural and historical development of China and Hong Kong;

– connecting with different civil society organizations;

– advocating public and social policy;

– conducting public education.